What Drinks Do Lesbian Women Prefer?

What does a lesbian prefer to drink? Are they inclined more towards Bourdeaux, bourbon, or Bud Light? If a research publication by Experian Simmons is considered,   then there are clear answers for what gay men straight women, lesbians, and straight men prefer when the urge for binge drinking arises.


According to the survey, it is common for gay men and lesbians to visit concerts, a bar or a nightclub, or simply dine out at a fancy eatery as compared to straight persons. It is official: queer persons are serious foodies. 52% of lesbians enjoy dining on foreign food as compared to merely 46% of straight women. Additionally, 55% of lesbians say they cook for fun-whenever they do, as compared to just 44% of straight women. (Is there not something subversive in this statistic? If you want, you can dedicate an entire gender studies or sociology research dissertation on that one statistic alone, isn’t that so?)


The stereotype that lesbians tend to be heavy drinkers as compared to straight women has been a common refrain of incumbent wisdom, not the least because this has been proved by research studies.


However, this is true.  A centrally funded research published in the USA concluded that “lesbian’s binge drinking habits increased their risk of contracting psychological distress”. This binge drinking habit could be a coping mechanism brought on by childhood trauma, or “coming out” stress, among other things. 


However, brand new research published in the UK, shows that though a larger portion of bisexual and lesbian women among all women share a “hazardous” association with booze, they are not dependent on it. 


These findings emerge from a five-year-old research finding that was carried out by PACE, Britain’s top mental health organization dealing with LGBT issues. It involved about 2,000 women (biological females) participants. It is considered one of the largest surveys in itself. 


The researchers discovered that


  • 31.9% straight women display problematic drinking as opposed to 37.1% bisexual women and lesbians. 
  • Alcohol addiction levels in both straight as well as queer women are nearly the same: 4.5% of LGBT women as well as 4% of straight women which is in the margin of error.


Given below are the survey results, about the drinks preferred by people of different sexual orientations (along with some personal suggestions from each category).


1. Vodka

Vodka (Reyka)


Reyka. Smooth and classy, much different from the turpentine pretending to be vodka all of us chugged down during our undergrad years.
Lesbians – 44%
Gay Men – 45%
Straight Women – 25%
Straight Men – 26%


2. Liqueurs and Cordials 


Gabriel Boudier Alcohol drink


A lot of people prefer Gabriel Boudier Creme de Cassis de Dijon.  Even if you do not drink, you cannot deny that the bottle is in itself a work of art that can be displayed on the mantelpiece! Bottoms up!


Lesbians – 27%
Gay Men -27%
Straight Women – 16%
Straight Men – 12%

3. Rum


Rum Alcoholic drinks


If rum is your preferred liquor, you have to try Caliche Puerto Rican Rum.


Lesbians – 22%
Gay Men – 29%
Straight Women – 19%
Straight Men – 21%


4. Sparkling Wine and Champagne


Sofia Blanc de Blancs come packed


Drinks like Sofia Blanc de Blancs come packed in cute cans and tiny straws.

Lesbians – 28%
Gay Men – 29%
Straight Women – 20%
Straight Men – 13%

5. Tequila




One of the most preferable tequilas is Kah Tequila.

Lesbians – 35%
Gay Men – 25%
Straight Women – 17%
Straight Men – 19%

6. Bourbon and Whiskey




Although most whiskeys are delicious, connoisseurs have a favorite, which goes by the name of-“Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey”.

Lesbians – 18%
Gay Men – 26%
Straight Women – 7%
Straight Men – 19%



7. Beer


Red Hook beer


Red Hook brewery knows its beer since it is one of the finest beers in the world.

Lesbians – 59%
Gay Men – 43%
Straight Women – 34%
Straight Men – 61%  



8. Gin




Though most Gin enthusiasts have other recommendations, “Beefeater” is still worth a try.

 Lesbians – 12%
Gay Men – 24%
Straight Women – 9%
Straight Men – 13%


9. Wine




Rideau Vineyards is the only female-owned and managed vineyards in Santa Ynez Valley of California. All their vines are absolutely top-notch

Lesbians – 51%

Gay Men – 47%
Straight Women -39%
Straight Men – 30%



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