Top 3 Drinks That Ladies Simply Love!

When you invite a lady friend home for any reason whatsoever, what is the first thing you decide to offer her? While some people veer towards snacks and coffee, others offer alcoholic beverages, if that lady friend in question happens to consume alcohol. But what alcohol should you offer to her, without possibly knowing her taste? Well, there are some foolproof options that always work for ladies and their preferred drinks.  


Some people immediately turn towards the most common option-of offering beer.  Some others, on the other hand, make do with a nice glass of wine. While both of these alternatives work more or less, they are extremely generic and lack any display of thoughtfulness. The variety of Lady Drinks need not be so limited. Cocktails flamboyantly express your consideration and care for your lady-friend or otherwise. Cocktails make her appreciate the entire effort you went to for making her relax and have fun at your place. 


There is an additional special message hidden in cocktail preparation. Cocktails immediately boost up your “classy” factor by multiple magnitudes. As mentioned before, a freshly prepared cocktail speaks volumes about the attention and care put into crafting a sophisticated drink. Making a cocktail right before your lady friend arrives is still better than saying: “Here’s some wine from the fridge I thought you’d like” or something along those lines.


So here in this article, you are going to learn to make the Top 3 drinks that ladies have loved from times immemorial:


What Drinks Are Considered “Good” By The Ladies?


The common misconception in society about lady drinks is that women most often prefer “girly beverages” which taste sweet and piquant. However, nothing can be far from the truth.  It is high time that we realize and appreciates that women’s taste in alcohol is far more complicated than it is generally perceived.


What all women do appreciate, however, is when their drink not only tastes but also looks “sophisticated. What does that mean, you may wonder? Firstly, all the 3 drinks listed below taste fantastic. Isn’t that the primary objective most classy drinks try to fulfill? Secondly, drinks that enable showmanship while you are preparing them adds to their charm and overall fanciness factor. Lastly, drinks that stimulate several senses and enhance the mood are the real clincher.


So now that we know what drinks are appreciated by the ladies, let’s get down to making some superb cocktails.


1. Mojito




The Daiquiri’s close cousin, the Mojito finds its origins in Cuba. It is simply perfect to beat down the hot, sultry weather. But it can also be taken right after an intense physical activity, so summer is not much of a differentiator here. Ladies love this drink because it is gives off that festive, laid-back vibe, where they can simply knock their shoes off and sip the Mojito in peace.




  • Rum: 1-1⁄2 oz 
  • Sugar syrup: 1 oz 
  • 3-5 mint leaves
  • Lime juice: 3⁄4 oz 
  • Soda water: 4 oz 
  • Mint leaves and/or lime wedge for garnish




  • First add a few mint leaves on the bottom of the glass.
  • Add some sugar syrup until the mint absorbs it.
  • The point here is to extract all the essential oils from mint leaves without tearing them up completely. Your lady guest might not be too pleased with leaf bits annoying her drinking experience.
  • Add rum, lime and ice. Stir thoroughly
  • Add some soda water and garnish with a mint sprig or a lime wedge, 

The Mojito’s biggest appeal lies not only in its refreshing taste, but also its visual aesthetic as well as the minty aroma.

2. French 75


French 75


French 75 is probably the classiest drink among all the classy drinks available out there. One of the primary reasons for its popularity is the wine or champagne base that goes into making it.


But be careful of French 75’s strong intensity. It would help you to know that this drink was named after France’s usage of the 75-millimeter artillery during the First World War. That is why the saying “getting hit by a French75” is used to denote this drink’s powerful intoxication. Thus, you should be aware of your lady friend’s alcohol tolerance levels before you set yourself to prepare this drink for her. You want her to get relaxed, not feel agitated, don’t you?




  • Gin: 2 oz 
  • Simple syrup: 1 oz 
  • Lemon/lime juice: 3⁄4 oz 
  • Champagne: 4-5 oz 
  • Lemon twist or wedge for garnish




  • Add simple syrup, lemon juice, and gin to a shaker. Fill it up with ice
  • Shake thoroughly for nearly half a minute
  • Strain the shaker’s contents into your desired glass
  • Top the entire concoction with some Champagne (or wine)
  • Garnish with lime wedge/twist.

Remember: you must NOT add the champagne/wine before shaking up all the ingredients. If you do this, you will end up with an undrinkable, unsavory mess instead of the French 75.


The lemon, gin, and champagne add a refined and zesty taste to the entire mixture. Moreover, Champagne in itself is the poster boy for classiness. Ladies love to know that their presence inspired a Champagne bottle to pop off!


3. Cosmopolitan




Cosmopolitan-or Cosmo-for short is a drink that ladies simply cannot get enough of! This drink is fun and popular for its perfect balance of different flavors. Not only that, it is very pleasing to the eyes and equally pleasing to the taste buds. The toasted orange peel added in the end heightens the drink’s majesty by leaps and bounds!




  • Vodka: 1-1⁄2 oz 
  • Cointreau: 1⁄2 oz 
  • Cranberry juice: 1⁄2 oz 
  • Lime juice, freshly squeezed: 1⁄2 oz 
  • Slightly flamed orange peel 




  • Add Cointreau, cranberry juice, vodka, and lime juice to an ice-filled shaker.
  • Shake for nearly 10-15 seconds.
  • Strain the content into a cocktail glass.
  • Garnish with the orange peel


The drink’s color and flavor are its star performers. Sidecar or Margarita follow the same prep principles as your Cosmo, so you need not doubt the cocktail verity of your favorite Cosmo.

What Drinks Do Lesbian Women Prefer?

What does a lesbian prefer to drink? Are they inclined more towards Bourdeaux, bourbon, or Bud Light? If a research publication by Experian Simmons is considered,   then there are clear answers for what gay men straight women, lesbians, and straight men prefer when the urge for binge drinking arises.


According to the survey, it is common for gay men and lesbians to visit concerts, a bar or a nightclub, or simply dine out at a fancy eatery as compared to straight persons. It is official: queer persons are serious foodies. 52% of lesbians enjoy dining on foreign food as compared to merely 46% of straight women. Additionally, 55% of lesbians say they cook for fun-whenever they do, as compared to just 44% of straight women. (Is there not something subversive in this statistic? If you want, you can dedicate an entire gender studies or sociology research dissertation on that one statistic alone, isn’t that so?)


The stereotype that lesbians tend to be heavy drinkers as compared to straight women has been a common refrain of incumbent wisdom, not the least because this has been proved by research studies.


However, this is true.  A centrally funded research published in the USA concluded that “lesbian’s binge drinking habits increased their risk of contracting psychological distress”. This binge drinking habit could be a coping mechanism brought on by childhood trauma, or “coming out” stress, among other things. 


However, brand new research published in the UK, shows that though a larger portion of bisexual and lesbian women among all women share a “hazardous” association with booze, they are not dependent on it. 


These findings emerge from a five-year-old research finding that was carried out by PACE, Britain’s top mental health organization dealing with LGBT issues. It involved about 2,000 women (biological females) participants. It is considered one of the largest surveys in itself. 


The researchers discovered that


  • 31.9% straight women display problematic drinking as opposed to 37.1% bisexual women and lesbians. 
  • Alcohol addiction levels in both straight as well as queer women are nearly the same: 4.5% of LGBT women as well as 4% of straight women which is in the margin of error.


Given below are the survey results, about the drinks preferred by people of different sexual orientations (along with some personal suggestions from each category).


1. Vodka

Vodka (Reyka)


Reyka. Smooth and classy, much different from the turpentine pretending to be vodka all of us chugged down during our undergrad years.
Lesbians – 44%
Gay Men – 45%
Straight Women – 25%
Straight Men – 26%


2. Liqueurs and Cordials 


Gabriel Boudier Alcohol drink


A lot of people prefer Gabriel Boudier Creme de Cassis de Dijon.  Even if you do not drink, you cannot deny that the bottle is in itself a work of art that can be displayed on the mantelpiece! Bottoms up!


Lesbians – 27%
Gay Men -27%
Straight Women – 16%
Straight Men – 12%

3. Rum


Rum Alcoholic drinks


If rum is your preferred liquor, you have to try Caliche Puerto Rican Rum.


Lesbians – 22%
Gay Men – 29%
Straight Women – 19%
Straight Men – 21%


4. Sparkling Wine and Champagne


Sofia Blanc de Blancs come packed


Drinks like Sofia Blanc de Blancs come packed in cute cans and tiny straws.

Lesbians – 28%
Gay Men – 29%
Straight Women – 20%
Straight Men – 13%

5. Tequila




One of the most preferable tequilas is Kah Tequila.

Lesbians – 35%
Gay Men – 25%
Straight Women – 17%
Straight Men – 19%

6. Bourbon and Whiskey




Although most whiskeys are delicious, connoisseurs have a favorite, which goes by the name of-“Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey”.

Lesbians – 18%
Gay Men – 26%
Straight Women – 7%
Straight Men – 19%



7. Beer


Red Hook beer


Red Hook brewery knows its beer since it is one of the finest beers in the world.

Lesbians – 59%
Gay Men – 43%
Straight Women – 34%
Straight Men – 61%  



8. Gin




Though most Gin enthusiasts have other recommendations, “Beefeater” is still worth a try.

 Lesbians – 12%
Gay Men – 24%
Straight Women – 9%
Straight Men – 13%


9. Wine




Rideau Vineyards is the only female-owned and managed vineyards in Santa Ynez Valley of California. All their vines are absolutely top-notch

Lesbians – 51%

Gay Men – 47%
Straight Women -39%
Straight Men – 30%