I think hospital gowns are so comfortable #justsaying #mammogram #ultrasound Next step, put a fat needle in me and hopefully pull out something crystal clear. Say a little prayer please. I am pretty scared.

While we were in Savannah last week we were treated to a wonderful yet short stay at @jennyslong beautiful home. My children were completely rotten and we moved into a hotel for the final 2 days in order to save the home from even more damage. I am still totally mortified by there behavior. I hope the tree peonies treated you well along with @beingbyrd note. Love you. #savannahlove

Alex #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints don't forget I am teaching a Pick Your Flower class over @shop200mill October 15th! Lots of fun will be had playing with flowers, making your own arrangement and taking it home and learning how to best capture your image! We will even print one for you! @campworkshops #pickyourflower You can sign up via my website! Xoxo

Without this man there would be no #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints He has supported me through this and all other stages of our very crazy life. "In sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer".

After 4 nights out in one if my favorite places in the world I am happily snug in bed. While I was hoping to come home to my iPhone 6 I was instead greeted by my new life-the progressive glasses that I now must wear at all times. 😳👵 #foureyes

I am humbled. Thank you to all of you for coming to meet me and talk to me last night. Such a surreal moment in time. Thank you @londonscalling2 for your support of me and my work. I just love you. And @theparismarket gals-you are amazing. Thank you. #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints #savannahlove #florography

I love an impromptu photo shoot, especially if it involves @yourewelcomesav and #cedricsmith. Thanks for making me look so pretty. And go check out his blo post and my answers on #savannahlove #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints @theparismarket

It makes me so happy to have these three here in savannah with me for my first show. Thanks @jcrew for letting them play while I shopped. @beingbyrd #manaftermyownheart #lane #savannahlove

I can't tell you what it means to me to have my work IN THE WINDOWS at @theparismarket in one of my favorite places on the planet-Savannah. I have shopped here since before I moved here and my mom gave me an article she found in a magazine about this amazing store. All you Savannah friends-I hope to see you Friday night at 6. Come share the joy and pick your flower! @londonscalling2 thank you! I am so excited! #savannahlove #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints #florography