How awesome for @beingbyrd's first shoot that she is getting her makeup done by the most talented @cmmejerle! Woodson is here too-doing what they do best-playing siblings who play and fight on screen!

Had such a great day today with @haleysheffield who came over to photograph my collab with the ever so talented @copper_and_torch. Bar tray beauties so yummy! #copperandtorch #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints

Narcissus #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints #florography #flowers I left Melbourne yesterday in Australia but today in LA-so bizarre to time travel-especially when you watch all the #janethevirgin and movies that make you cry on the 14 hour flight and you decide not to sleep because you are finally on Sydney time! Delirium has set in-can't get to Atlanta quick enough!

Fringe #florography #flowers I am on my first leg back to the states and while I am ready to return home, see my kids and my dogs and my husband and friends, I am sad to leave what I now consider my second home in Australia. #sydney #melbourne you are both wonderful and gorgeous. Thank you for welcoming me with such open arms. I can not wait to return.

Today @petrinaturnerdesign offered to take a photo of my head so I could see what I had done with the pink dye (did it myself this morning) and she managed to get my new pink @gormanclothing shoes in the image as well. I am forever and always a flowering pink bloom. #flowers #florography @est_studios @theschoolinstagram @megan_morton #melbourne #aussie

Had a wonderful day setting up @est_studios for this weekends #florography classes with the clever @petrinaturnerdesign and talented @katie_randell! There are just a few spots open on Sunday morning so contact @theschoolinstagram to grab a spot! #flowers #melbourne #aussie @megan_morton